Working Girl Executive Profile: Caitlin Lee of Public Lives, Secret Recipes

Working Girl Executive Profile:

Caitlin Lee

Public Lives, Secret Recipes


Cait’s Crispops

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Caitlin and I met through mutual friends. It was an easy and instant connection and because we have kept in touch throughout the past couple of years, this connection has stayed strong and we have definitely helped each other out. Both being business owners and Caitlin making a career switch to fully run PLSR and Cait’s Crispops, we have been on each other’s sides all along.

Public Lives, Secret Recipes began as an outlet for Caitlin to combine her love for food & fashion. After taking over her friends Instagram feeds with images of her own homemade goods, she decided it was time for a change. By posting secret recipes from people in the public eye, Public Lives, Secret Recipes allows readers a “taste” of something they would normally not have the chance to access. Between their recipes and Caitlin’s Creations you can make anything we post to enjoy for yourself, and shop her homemade Cait’s Crispops (!

Public Lives, Secret Recipes has been featured in: Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Whitney Port, Bustle, BuzzFeed, Country Living Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, & more.


  • How did you start PLSR? Caitlin Krispops?

I started PLSR a few months after graduating from college. I had recently moved to Chicago where I was pursuing a career in the fashion industry. During my four years at IU I did not have access to a full kitchen–just a microwave & toaster so my cooking & baking options were limited to toasting a bagel & mug cakes in the microwave. Once I began working full time I found all my spare time was being spent in the kitchen. I’ve always loved to bake but I guess it’s true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I would spend all my nights & weekends creating recipes. After posting my creations on Instagram I decided (with the support of family & friends) to start a blog. What I thought would be an easier way to share my recipes with those who were close to me turned into my full time career less than a year later. Cait’s Crispops came about right before I went full time with PLSR. While they are two separate entities, they do overlap in some ways. Cait’s Crispops began in a similar way: I made them thinking I would post the recipe to PLSR but after posting a sneak peek picture to Instagram I began receiving order inquiries. I held off on posting the recipe & instead decided to begin selling a variety of flavors. Since then I’ve catered several events–anything from a 1 year olds birthday party to a DVF event at Neiman Marcus.


  • What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is definitely running my own business. It’s also what I’m most proud of. While it is my full-time job, it’s also my side hustle & hobby. It truly does consume my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being in my 20s and an entrepreneur, there are a lot of curve balls life throws at you. Heck, at any age, in any position, there will always be something. It’s just about realizing in the moment that it isn’t forever. All of the struggles are eventually worth it, because with one ounce of bad comes double the amount of good. It’s just about getting through it.


  • What is your favorite success so far?

Is it wrong to say my favorite success is my biggest challenge? Aside from in general running my own business a few career highlights were interviewing Lauren Conrad ( ), launching the Cait’s Crispops website so people can order nationwide (, & being featured in Time Magazine (


  • What has been your greatest learning experience?

What I love most about my job is I learn something new everyday. Whether it’s how ingredients will react when mixed together or how to manage my finances, there is always something. The best tip would be, regardless of what you’re dealing with, don’t take no for an answer. Compromise & confidence will get you very far.


  • How do you continue to motivate yourself?

Looking back on how far I’ve come is the best motivation. Every little thing I’ve done reminds me that I can do this & I can keep going.


  • What is your best advice?

Don’t give up & don’t take no for an answer. As a small business, I’ve been faced with rejection more times than I can count but I keep pursuing anything I’m passionate about & more times then not, it works in my favor. If something doesn’t work out, use that as a learning experience & tweak it for the next time.


  • What is your favorite #girlboss quote?

“If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results, it will— even if it’s not immediately obvious.” — Sophia Amoruso

Visit Caitlin’s blog Public Lives, Secret Recipes (I read it everyday religiously and have tried many of her recipes and restaurant recs!) and also order Cait’s Crispops (I send them with the Working Girl Inc. logo on them as thank you gifts!)

Dream it. Love it. Work it.


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