So You Graduated. . .

So You Graduated. . .

It’s the end of July, almost August 1 and you’ve been a real-life adult for just over two months. How is it going? Do you have a job? Internship? Or are you enjoying funemployment? I know, I know. Let me guess? You don’t want to adult right now. I promise you this. It is totally worth it.

Version 2

There is me at graduation (May 2009, University of Illinois)


I remember this time in my life. I was working my first full-time job at Akira in the creative department. My hours were strange, I worked late nights and I loved it some days but others I just wanted to throw in the towel.

What I didn’t know then which I do know now is that every second of it was worth it as it set me up for who I am and what I do today. I work events at a major department store. This job is extremely multi-faceted but one of the larger aspects is fashion show production and that is where I was rooted at Akira. I now appreciate everything I learned and all my experiences, good and bad.

As I look back, a couple of years ;), I am thinking about what I would have told myself. Here they are. . .


You will be okay

Work hard and you will get to where you are meant to be

Every job is your dream job because it leads to your dream

Enjoy and relish in every single experience

Live and enjoy the ride

Stay in touch with everyone you meet and more importantly, stay in touch with yourself

Network. Network. Network.

Be young and savor it all


I promise everything will work out. You are exactly where you need to be.

Version 2

Here is me hard at work and as always, having fun (May 2016, Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue)

Dream it. Love it. Work it.

Always remember, I am here for you!


Lindsay McFarlane

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