Promotion Spotlight: Intern of the Moment

I am so honored and proud to introduce Working Girl Inc.’s spring 2015 intern and also the VP of our brand new College Executive Program (stay tuned!!!)

Rachael Carani. . .take it away!


My name is Rachael Carani. I am 24 years old graduating from Columbia College Chicago
in May 2015 with a Bachelors in Fashion Business. I started my last semester at Columbia College last week and as I look back it has been nothing short of amazing. From my friends to my instructors, my experiences have been unforgettable. At Columbia, I have gained a deeper knowledge about how to be successful in whatever I do; present and future. Graduating is a very bittersweet event for me.

Although I love Columbia and being a student, I am ready to take that next big step in my life. So the big question is, where do I see myself in five years? To be honest, I really don’t know. I am incredibly optimistic of any opportunity that comes my way. Which brings me to Working Girl Inc. I feel becoming a part of this company has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far.

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Not only am I learning so much through this internship and Lindsay but it is super fun! She has so much wisdom, knowledge, and contacts in the fashion industry and she is such an amazing person; full of life and energy. She is truly passionate about everything she does. I first came in contact with Lindsay through my Mother, believe it or not. They were both at an event, began talking about Working Girl Inc, and before I knew it, my mom was reaching out to me pitching this awesome opportunity.

Although I didn’t know the details of Working Girl Inc, I immediately emailed Lindsay the next day. We set a date to meet and within in 20 minutes of the interview, I was offered the internship. I remember Lindsay emphasizing in my interview how impressed she was with how quickly I emailed her after she had spoken to my Mom.

I have always been an extremely persistent person and I believe that no matter what the opportunity is, always jump on top of it because you never know what doors it can open. I see Working Girl Inc. not only opening doors for our present and future clients, but for myself. I am beyond thrilled to continue this journey with Working Girl Inc. and eager to see what these next couple months bring me!

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