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Fashion Police: The Executive Edition

If you don’t know already, I am obsessed with fashion. I love working in the industry, I am a magazine junkie and a shoe and handbag hoarder (true life: I am a fashion addict). There are rules to be followed in fashion day by day but fashion in the workplace is a whole new ballgame.

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 I once was interviewing for a job that I REALLY wanted. This was my big opportunity to do what I wanted in the industry I wanted in the city that I loved, this was do or die. I decided to wear black patent pumps, a simple LBD that hit right at the knee and a navy blazer (navy and black=chic); I thought I nailed the outfit.

About a week later I received the call I had been waiting for, I got the job!! (eek!) As the tears of joy were flowing, my future boss said, “Oh, one thing I should mention . . .our VP wasn’t thrilled with your dress, it was a bit short.” This conversation presented that although this is a fashion company, we are to dress professionally. Now, okay, I get it, rules are rules. I now watch what I wear every single day. This particular workplace is very strict on dress code, and no the dress wasn’t short (at the knee, really?) but it did teach me from that point on, to dress for the job I wanted not for the job I have.

 I try and dress professionally while staying true to my own sense of style. When dressing for the workplace, keep details in mind. This day in age, the workplace has become more casual in general due to our generation but there are certain places (ahem, the above) that are more strict and adhering to that is important.

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Just be smart, dress for success and above all, be happy.

 Dream it. Love it. Work it.


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