Leave your Mark and Get out of Your Own Way!



So when you’re given the chance to be on live TV do you run and hide or do you go for it?! Well let’s just say I wanted to opportunity so badly and then when I was given the scheduled date, I was scared sh*tless! LIVE TELEVISION! You can’t take it back because it is live!


It was such an amazing learning experience and I am so so happy that I mustered up enough guts to actually go through with this. I continued to ask myself all week if it was worth the stress, nerves, lack of sleep and more. When I sat down in the chair on the set and the host started introducing me, then I wanted to run. I started to talk and I tried to treat it like a conversation and the 4 minutes FLEW by.



Once I stepped off set, I felt an immediate feeling of relief and pride. I DID IT! I was on live television and I didn’t embarrass myself and more importantly I didn’t embarrass my brand.



I learned so much from this experience. I learned that your network and connections and the most important things and keep perservering. I continued to email and ask when would be a good time of the year to be on the show and then the one email I sent in January they responded with “can you be here Thursday morning?” (mental FREAK OUT!) 5 days to prep, wardrobe and build courage!



I learned to just go for it and enjoy the experience and the journey. I loved the experience and I loved live television. New dream: talk show host! Just kidding, but really it was amazing an surprisingly, fun!


When given an opportunity you’re scared off, go for it. You may just surprise yourself! #getoutofyourownway


Work it,

Working Girl Inc.


P.S. Video Clip Below!

Windy City Live Debut!!!!!


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